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Adding Product Customization to your site has never been easier

Do you run a site selling products that could be customized? If you did not think of it that’s ok. Many e-commerce owners and makers have built a mature online product offering but never considered allowing their customers to order personalized products. This is because there is no one-size-fits-all solution as it the case for shopping cart functionality. The limited solutions that are available require customers to leave and checkout on a separate site.

We now offer such solution for your e-commerce site. We took our successful product customization  e-commerce solution and stripped everything but the product customizer from it. Then we added a set of API endpoints and easy to use integration guide.

The result is an embedded customizer that seamlessly integrates with your existing e-commerce site add product personalization to your online offering.

Embedded Customizer Solution for:

Sell more by allowing your customers to personalize your products.  Seems too complicated? We made it easy by providing you with a solution that embeds directly into your existing site. Your customers get the same checkout experience while you now provide them with an option to personalize your products.

Add niche supplier channels that you could only dream of before. Personalization is expected by today’s online customers who are conditioned to pay premium for designing their own product.

Online Marketplace
Eliminate a need to manage artwork uploads and to be a middle man between the online customers and your supplier network. Customized product orders and required order artwork are routed electronically to your suppliers removing you from an administrative overhead managing product customization.


Here is what it takes:

  • Your Effort: 5 days
  • Supported Carts: DemandWare, Shopify (TBA), Yahoo and others
  • Setup Cost: $500
  • Pricing: Pro Plan or higher

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