Bay Area Maker Faire 2015

by admin, February 8, 2015

Bay Area Maker Faire, May 16-17, 2015

It is this time of the year. Mark your calendars. May 16 and 17, 2015, annual Maker Faire is held at Santa Clara fair grounds.  If you want to learn about makers, who they are and what they do, this is the place to soak it all in. If you have none of those interests but do have kids that love fairs, this will be the coolest thing between two Christmases for them — trust me!

I have been taken my daughter since she was four and she asks me several times a year when we are going. The coolest thing is to see her interests transition as she is getting older from being captivated by the giant mousetrap show to getting into robots and 3D printers.

Personalization and customization of consumer products is the long tail of things, which in total, argued by many, is the future of our economy. Come and checkout this maker movement and maybe we bump into each other.

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